The word ‘House’ in Olashore International School, simply refers, as in so many, to groupings of students rather than just structural buildings.Replace with further content or remove this additional text...

      The House system is an integral part of the Olashore pastoral structure and serves to meet a multitude of objectives. Some of these are:-

      1. To create a sense of belonging and identity in students
      2. To encourage and increase competition between students
      3. To create a supportive environment for students
      4. To enhance leadership opportunities
      5. To provide an opportunity to be part of distinct traditions

      Students are randomly assigned to their different Houses during enrollment at the beginning of life here at Olashore. This is done in such a way that near equal numbers in the respective houses are maintained.

      Currently, Olashore operates a four-house system. These Houses are named after colours- Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Boys are assigned to Blue and Green houses, while girls are put in Red and Yellow houses. During the pastoral hours, students in the respective Houses put on house-wear and sports attire that bears the colours of their houses.               

      Activities in the different houses are organised and coordinated by the House Parents

      House Points

      The most popular features of the house system here are the inter-house competitions. During each term, houses compete on the basis of sports, quizzes, speech competitions, academic achievement and good sanitation. Houses are awarded points on the basis of how well they perform in these areas. From these house competitions, we identify and develop most of the students who go out to represent us at external competitions.

      Students at Olashore identify strongly with their houses and through this collective identity, they gain motivation and a sense of team-spirit in both pastoral and academic spheres.